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Facial Oil

Marula Organix Oil of Africa is Wild Harvested, Cold Pressed Marula Oil – Infused with Helichrysum Oil – Powerful Antioxidant Serum, Facial Moisturizer, Effective Anti Aging Serum.

Face & Body special!

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Special when you buy this option includes Marula Organix Facial Oil (1oz) – Infused with Helichrysum Oil – Powerful Antioxidant Serum, Effective Anti Aging and Marula Organix Body Butter (8oz) Complete Antioxidant rich hydrating body Butter with Organic Coconut oil, Organic Raw Shea and Organic Cocoa butter for ultimate skin care!

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Organic Body Butter

Marula Oil Softens & minimizes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. – Improves & restores skin elasticity for a more youthful & radiant skin. – Improves skin tone & firmness. – Soothes irritation

Coconut Oil heals and combats signs of aging

Rich Cocoa Butter protects and softens the skin

Shea Butter Deep moisturizing, skin regeneration, skin healing properties

Hair Oil

Marula Organix Hair Oil is a deep conditioning treatment that restores, moisturizes and softens split ends and adds radiant shine as it penetrates the scalp. Marula Oil helps strengthen dry, damaged hair while Argan Oil revitalizes hair and scalp. Jojoba Oil helps balance, cleanse and invigorate the scalp. Together they leave your hair soft, shiny and silky.

Age-Defying Face Reparative Cream

NEW Available NOW!

Rejuvenating and brightening with Marula, Helychrysum, Camilina and Evening Primrose.

Antioxidant rich, hydrating and high in Vitamin C