Marula Organix Oil of Africa

Our story began several years ago while searching for an all-natural skin treatment that was healthy, raw, pure and clean with anti-aging properties capable of assisting in more vibrant skin. Sure there were products claiming to provide exactly what we wanted but none were based on scientific facts and had years of actual use and results.

Marula Oil known as a “miracle fruit” in its native Africa, marula has been used for years as an anti-oxidant, anti-aging skin treatment. Local people would pick the ripened fruit of the marula tree and apply the oil within directly to their face for a lasting and hydrating glow. This practice eventually led to Europeans borrowing this practice and developing pure marula oil for use in skin care products.

So when researching for the most effective skin care ingredients we could find, marula easily became the only choice. Known to improve elasticity, decrease moisture loss, improve skin tone and even fight dangerous free radicals below the dermal layer. In addition, marula oil is pH balanced and non-microbial.

Having found a fantastic base in organic marula oil, we searched for other products that would enhance our marula oil and boost its already incredible health benefits. This research led to a breakthrough. By infusing marula with helichrysum essential oil, we finally created the product we sought and thus Marula Organix was born.

Based in Clearwater, Florida, we continue to offer our flagship product “Oil of Africa” which is a pure marula oil with Helichrysum.

In addition, we offer Body Butter, Hair Oil and our new Face Reparative Cream to provide incredible support for your skin, scalp and of course to give you the Marula Glow!

On behalf of the entire Marula Organix team, we thank you for your continued support. You can rest assured that your purchase supports local South African communities, fair-trade practices and know that you are buying from a manufacturer that is Beauty Without Cruelty and the Vegan Society accredited.

Thank you for making Marula Organix a part of your daily skin care treatment.

– The Marula Organix Team

• Sustainable

• Fare trade

• Wild harvested

• Cold pressed

• Natures Antioxidents